About Us

Making Dreams Come True

Alexis Pollard is a Graduate of The Ohio State University. She has a minor in Business Communications and a double major in Marketing and Economics.
  Alexis's hospitality experience started over fifteen years ago as a staffing coordinator for an agency that specialized in career placement. She was quickly promoted within the company, learning the inner and outer workings of the industry. Over the course of the first year she received three promotions, and savvy techniques that allowed the company to blossom further.

She moved on to launch Ascended Staffing Solutions.
  Alexis possess the art of communication and the clients never go unnoticed. She believes that the soul of any industry is only as good as the people that manage it.
  Ascended Staffing thrives off of making sure that the client’s needs are customized for every event staffed. She works closely with the staffing and recruitment team to ensure that the best quality candidate is selected and hired.
Alexis’s focus is to offer a hospitality company that puts the clients at the forefront. She believes in "Ascending the standards of the whole hospitality industry."

Alexis Pollard
Co-Founder & Talant Acquisition

Turning a Vision into Reality

Clifton Sparrow III is a graduate of The Ohio State University.  He has a degree in psychology.  He has 6 years operation experience.  

  He is a technology pioneer that has more then 6 years running companies utilizing database.  He has started multiple companies, and has multiple success exits.  He uses this experience to employ a unique approach to staffing, and hiring employees.  

  His main focus is to offer a hospitality company that puts the clients at the forefront. He believes in "Ascending the standards of the whole hospitality industry.

Clifton Sparrow III
Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Turning Problems to Solutions

Kayla reigns from a seven year background in Education as a teacher and gained two years under her belt as a Staffing Specialist.  She hails her education from The University of Florida with a BS in Psychology and a Masters from The University of Central Florida in Exceptional Education.  Kayla thrives off of being able to distinguish the needs of the client and, matching the qualifications of the candidate to that job.  Her cheery outlook when faced with a challenge makes any obstacle seem obsolete.  If she could be described as having one "super power" it would be efficiency.    To Kayla there is nothing too over and nothing too beyond that she cant find a plausible solution for. 

Kayla Graham
Co-Founder & Regional Developer