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"Staffing has Ascended"


Why choose our services

We are dedicated recruiters with years of service in the industry.   We welcome an open door for communication that surpasses the new technical forms of communication todays apps provide.   ASC Staffing believes in the more traditional form of staffing and what it offers.

Our process

We listen to what your individual and specific needs are.  We allow open dialect to translate the more unique requests you may have when it comes to your employee team and event.  Once we are certain that we have a clear understanding we will provide a rate sheet and terms.  After that we customize your order to perfection.  

Our obligation

We are committed to finding the unique talents the work force has available.  Our service to you does not end with the order; we see you through during and after event day. 

Any questions or thoughts?

We are always happy to help out!


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